Mid-Week Challenge: Chair of Love

When they’d first been given the chair, he thought it was …plain. Simply a cushion carefully molded into a fine old wood and an oval backrest. By all accounts, unassuming and nondescript from the other, more lavish furnishings available to them. It reminded him much of himself when they’d first met. A notion he kept to himself as she welcomed it into their home.

Such an ordinary piece of antiquated furniture was on the chopping block when they finally moved onto their forever home. How exactly it had run the gauntlet of being packed, crushed by the hanako table, and then unpacked again, was most impressive to him. 

But only now, as she sat in the commonplace chair and comfortably cradled her glowing belly, did Souji think back to wise words uttered a lifetime ago. “Empty, yet holding infinite potential.”

Yukiko looked up at him, half-asleep, but still with a soft smile he could sink into forever. “What did you say?”

He sat down beside her, laying his hand on her stomach, where she quickly placed her fingers between his. “Oh, something I heard once. I just had to see it to appreciate it first.” A point he punctuated by running his palm across the smooth, rounded back of the chair until it reached her delicate ivory skin. “I honestly didn’t think this shape would be comfortable for you.”

She leaned back, letting long locks of ebony hair fall over the chair’s back and dance across his forearm. “I know what you mean, and it shouldn’t be if you think about it. But I don’t know….it just feels right.”

Souji smiled and rose slightly to take her sweet lips to his. It was all he needed to say.


My entry for this week’s Mid-Week Image Challenge, which just has that soft and warm feeling of love to it to me. And when I get that feeling, these two are always the ones I think of first.

I hope you all enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Challenge: Chair of Love

  1. Mayumi Hirtzel says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve felt any engagement with these characters, but under your guidance, it’s like I never left them. 🙂

    It’s always nice to see characters live out fuller lives than canon gives us. Your Souji and Yukiko follow a similar path to my own, so it’s extra-nice to read this little future moment. It’s full of pleasant, quiet love and a sense of purpose. Well done!

    • Thank you, Mayumi! I’m very happy you enjoyed this little moment!

      I’ll be honest, reading through the Lifetime Lovebirds has given me a bit of an itch for something full of that simple, pure love and problems that can’t be solved by a mercenary team. Perhaps one day I’ll expand on that feeling into its own story (after another P4 playthrough at some point!)

      Happy to bring these two back to your mind and heart, even for just a few sentences

  2. Sweet piece. Thanks for joining.

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