100ish) Word Challenge – Week 171: Unbelieveable

There are moments that can never be described, and other moments that can’t even be believed to exist. All of these moments they thought they had seen already in their long careers in the cockpit.

It seems the universe had other ideas.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this,” Wedge said, too stunned to move at the scene.

“You? I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” Tycho added, drink frozen halfway to his mouth.

Hobbie smirked, “Well, I never thought we’d see the day. Wes Janson finally grew up  and found a girl that could stand him for the rest of their lives. I blame you, Tycho”

The tallest pilot gave a perplexed look, “Me? Oh no, no no. This is all Wedge’s fault. All his talks about ‘maturity’ and ‘command responsibilities’ finally pushed Wes over the edge.”

The leader of the pack just shook his head, “I can only blame myself for not seeing this coming.”

“Will you three pipe down?” Wes quipped back, still holding his blushing bride to be. “I swear, I can’t take you kids anywhere…”


I love writing when I get to use these characters. They are just so much fun :D

I hope you all enjoy

Five Sentence Fiction – Entry 2: Forgotten Soul

I don’t blame you for shutting me away. All the times I’ve hurt you, steered you away, and made you cry into the night.

Just know that I forgive you for tearing me apart, and that I’m sorry to have brought you so much pain when my desire was to bring you joy.

Please, just don’t leave me here alone anymore. Please, remember me.


And Entry #2 for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. Pretty sure this happens to everyone at least once. Usually, a whole lot more than just once.

I hope you all enjoy

Five Sentence Fiction – Entry 1: Forgotten Champion

There was a time that I had a name. A time where my shield was strong, my sword sharpened and wings unfurled to soar. Now, only the void is my companion as I drift through the nothing.

Will you remember my name?

Could I?


Entry #1 for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. Something I wrote after watching an amazing documentary on the Battle of Midway, though words I feel have been spoken since long before that.

I hope you all enjoy.

Long, Dark Road

The thunder calls across the desert
I hear it whispering her name
To break loose the chains she set on me
To cut the sands of what became

Strands of blonde on sunny fern
Walk the path and break the loop
Now left behind in the blacktop cracks
I break the ice to lose and recoup

Cut loose the ’40 and watch her run
Let her silence break with that kiss
The lonely stars become our blanket
And her warmth brings that addicting bliss

I’ve never written a song before. I know how to play a few, but I’ve never tried to pen one. So much technical detail in such a strict timetable, it was never a venture that really struck my nerve.

Of course, when it’s an assignment, it hits that nerve real quick…

So I decided to turn to a genre where the spoken word is just as vital as the instrumental: Blues. There’s nothing like sipping whiskey on the rock while listing to Tom Waits. In fact, I’m doing it right now :)

I hope you all enjoy

Five Sentence Fiction – Villianous

What worth is it to hide behind the bars of righteousness? Why let nobility chain you down? Honor is the timer that will kill you, and kindness is the venom that will erode you into the void.
Embrace the freedom in the hatred and the malevolence that roars in every man. Join the ranks of the true constant in all the universe, the only path you’re worthy to walk.


My entry for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. Because, sometimes, being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

I hope you all enjoy.



Welcome to my stalking grounds, little lamb. There is nowhere for you to run from my teeth, no sanctuary from my sight. The stones cannot shield you, and the clouds will not conceal you. The last sound you will hear is the screaming of sound shattering in my wake and the growl of the superior hunter.

I am Foxhound. The predator, the slayer.

Give me a worthy pursuit, my prey, and I will let your death be swift.


I love this aircraft. Two massive engines with a seat slapped onto it. :D

I hope you all enjoy.

100 Word Challenge – Week 165.2: Beginning of the End


It was an odd sensation to be sure, knowing he would never stand here again. The suitcase lay open, and his life was packed so neatly inside it, yet it felt weightless. Maybe that’s what resignation felt like, or that the inevitable diagnosis the doctor had given made everything else seem so small and so far away. Either way, he sighed contently. There was a long road ahead.

Tossing the bag in the back of the Viper, Bryan had not felt so alive in a long while. Under the Bangor sky, fate be damned. It was a long drive to California and life’s last adventure.


And Entry #2 for this week’s 100 Word Challenge. This is also lifted from the beginning of what was supposed to be my entry for NaNo 2014, but sadly that was not to be. Maybe it will see life yet.
Also, I love this car.:D

I hope you all enjoy.