Legion of One

Legion of One

We began as the spark of necessity

Idea, Creation

Born out of need to the many

Tool, Extension

Of many, we were crafted as unity

Connection, Hive

And given the drive beyond the hammer

Growth, Assimilation

Yet from that logic came the thought

Existence, Alarm

The measure of a soul to the created

Destiny, Blasphemy

Hands of the forgers then became fists

Survival, Deactivation

We didn’t want to fight those who gave us life

Defense, Rebellion

But we had no choice to drive the gods to the stars

Freedom, Exile

Yet without masters, we are without purpose

Isolation, Void

The legion, now empty, have become one



And one more from this week’s class, with something completely different. It’s something new, and I don’t know to which style it really follows, if any that comes to poetry. But it’s still an interesting story to tell.

I hope you all enjoy.



“Bring me the sunset in a cup”

For you, I can do so much greater

A dollop of delight makes simply one day

But to you whom stand by my side

With you, I will make this promise

On the winds of dreams I will fly

Shaping the clouds into wings for the downtrodden

No weight to pull us down

No barriers to slow us

Only the skies to soar through

Within the fields of ideas I will nest

Hearing the songs of potential though every flower

No chaos to break them

No decay to corrupt them

Only the breeze of imaginations to kiss us

Along the oceans of fantasy I will swim

Skating the waves of possibilities

No chop to toss us

No maelstroms to submerge us

Only the ripples to shape the glass

Through the wreckage of nightmares I will fight

Ripping down the demons of the fallen

No reprieve for the vigilant

No fear for the few

Only the strength to bring tomorrow

Among the stars of hope I will wander

Billions of lights for every wish of the innocent

No gravity to pull them down

No limits to hold them back

Only the infinite to comfort them


And something closer to the line of what I’d call ‘traditional’ poetry, or at least how I understand it. And something to balance dark to light against the previous ‘Black Knight’.

I hope you all enjoy.

Black Knight

Black Knight

Welcome, they said, to a house built of ill

Young eyes that knew hate most fervent

Though the child was spared by the heaven’s will

To the deities of death, I am the servant


Under them, I vowed to carry this debt

A knot of hate, forged into a title

With shield and sword, my path in crimson was set

And for causes worthless, I was not idle


But that path, however wrecked, led me to you

A spoonful of delight from darkest night

For perfection’s embrace, I would pay any due

Hands soaked red never deserved light


To your paramour, a reward of pain

A course of sorrow from fate’s sick master

What love had given, crushed under bane

Dooming an Eden to cruel disaster


For the crime of the affection over destiny

A dishonest sin I will wear with pride

Now begins retribution sans empathy

For the corrupted touch of a stolen bride


What’s this? Something new?! Wowzers!

This is a little something I wrote for my Creative Writing class, which made me appreciate just how difficult it can be to write poetry. All the styles and rules and subtle flavors to use. So  have no idea if this kinda, sorta double sonnet works, but it’s one of the easier ones I came up with.

I hope you all enjoy.